The Mystery of the Shag Harbor Incident

The Mystery of the Shag Harbor Incident
The Mystery of the Shag Harbor Incident

This mysterious event, which took place in the remote wilds of Nova Scotia, Canada, attracted much attention from UFO researchers and authorities, but remains unresolved to this day.

It was the evening of October 4, 1967, and the day drew to a close in the tiny, rustic fishing village of Shag Harbor, located in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia and surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

The sun went down and the evening was just like everyone else, until at 11:20 pm something very strange happened in this secluded place. A bright flash suddenly flashed high in the sky, and four bright lights flew over this place for almost an hour, until a bright object suddenly dived down to crash into the water with tremendous force.

Eyewitnesses of these events claim that the anomalous object made a strange whistling noise as it descended and completed landing with a loud, booming bang, while others reported that the object appeared to flash a sequence of lights before falling. One witness named Laurie Wickens would later say about this:

“We saw four lights in the sky and above the ground. We thought it was an airplane and did not pay any attention - we just watched the lights go on and off. It flew over the road in front of us and disappeared behind a hill. We got to the top. There was a light in the water. We went to a telephone booth, called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and reported the plane crash."


Wickens added that the mysterious vessel was floating in the water about half a mile offshore, dragging behind it a strange yellowish substance that floated for nearly an hour before sinking into the depths, and there were several police officers who also saw the floating object.

In total, at least eleven people told police they saw essentially the same, bright light flying across the sky to crash into the sea, and it was initially assumed that it was a plane crash.

In response, both local fishermen and police officers immediately launched a search and rescue operation, quickly arriving at the site where the object was believed to have sunk, the Coast Guard joined the search, but there was no debris or sign of an aircraft other than an unusual yellow foam found in the whirlpools.

It is interesting to note that not a single aircraft has been reported missing and that indeed all commercial, private and military aircraft have been fully accounted for along the entire east coast that stretches across New England.

Simply put, if it was an airplane, then no one knew whose it was and where it came from. The mention of the ship's lights and behavior prior to the collision, as well as the absence of any missing aircraft and the fact that it did not sink immediately, led RCC Halifax to report the strange incident to the Air Desk at the RAF headquarters in Ottawa. where he was tagged as a UFO report.

Around the same time, the military moved there, and a warship and divers from the Royal Canadian Navy and a diving squad of the Atlantic Fleet arrived at the scene, who combed the entire water area for three whole days, although their official report claimed that they did not find anything at all. - no bodies, no debris, nothing. Of course, there were some witnesses who could claim that the fleet did find something and that it was carried away, but there is nothing to actually prove it.

In the meantime, this story was on the news, and there was a lot of talk about the possibility that it was not a plane at all, but rather a crashed UFO. This idea has been supported by several other UFO sightings that have been recorded in the same area in the days leading up to what has been called the “Shag Harbor incident” and could be related to this.

In one post that same evening at 7:15 p.m., Air Canada Flight 305 reported that they spotted a brightly lit rectangular object with lesser lights behind it flying parallel to the plane about a mile before they witnessed a large explosion over which was followed by another explosion, although they (the explosions) did not make a noticeable sound. maybe this is the same ship that fell?

In another case, Captain Leo Howard Mercy from the fishing vessel MV Nickerson spotted four anomalous objects on the radar, after which the entire crew saw four bright lights in the sky.

It turned out that in the hours leading up to the crash, there were several more reports of strange lights in the skies over the area, which only added fuel to the discussion that it was not an airplane.

This helped solidify the incident in UFO history and became a classic case of a possible UFO catastrophe, surrounded by secrets and conspiracy theories.

The case was investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Coast Guard, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Canadian government and the United States. Condon Committee, making it one of the most well-documented UFO sightings and crashes.