Introduced an exoskeleton for carrying heavy loads

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Introduced an exoskeleton for carrying heavy loads
Introduced an exoskeleton for carrying heavy loads

Earlier this year, Sarcos Robotics promised that by the end of 2019 they will be ready to release a powerful exoskeleton that will become "the future of cargo handling." Nowadays, such statements even from large companies should be taken with a fair amount of skepticism. What can we say about a little-known company. However, Sarcos Robotics not only kept its word, but also showcased the new creation to the general public. The exoskeleton was named Sarcos Guardian XO and, to be honest, its characteristics are impressive.

What is the new exoskeleton capable of?

Sarcos Guardian XO is a robotic exoskeleton with a full body (that is, it fully strengthens the entire body, not individual parts of it). While the person wearing it can lift 90 kilograms, he will feel that he has lifted only 4.5 kilograms.

If you ask me what many years of work and 300 million dollars look like, then I will just show you Sarcos Guardian XO. - Says the CEO of Sarcos Robotics Ben Wolf.

Moreover, what is most important, it does not take much time to put on or take off the exoskeleton. Sarcos Robotics says new users will be able to don the system within minutes after the training course. Renting the Guardian XO costs US 100,000 per year, but there are no options to buy it yet.

As all large companies strive to improve efficiency through automation, Sarcos believes that the most effective solution is to directly combine humans and machines, combining the intelligence and judgment of humans with the strength and endurance of robots. The weight of this suit is just over 68 kilograms. But a person does not need to carry this "load" on himself. The operator, as it were, complements the robot. Therefore, although it looks heavy and cumbersome, it is quite easy to operate.

The device for enhancing human capabilities consists of many autonomous sections, which are driven by electric motors. With the help of Sarcos Guardian XO, workers will be able to carry loads with little or no effort. At the same time, considerable attention is paid to safety. For example, lifting of loads is carried out by special joysticks, which are manipulated by the operator. If he loses control of the joysticks, then the weight will simply remain in a fixed position. Would you like an exoskeleton for yourself? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

The operating time of the device is up to two hours without recharging, and the system of "hot" battery replacement on the go allows you to use the exoskeleton almost indefinitely. At the very least, the Sarcos Guardian XO will survive a full work shift. When carrying its maximum weight, the Guardian XO draws about 500 watts of power. And with such a load it can "accelerate" up to 4.5 kilometers per hour.

True, the exoskeleton also has disadvantages. For example, it is not advisable to use it outside of warehouses, as there is no protection from dirt and heavy rain. Although, of course, it will not close it from a drop of water, the developers promise to add the Guardian XO exoskeleton to the next model of the Guardian XO exoskeleton.