Wanga's prophecy for 2020

Wanga's prophecy for 2020
Wanga's prophecy for 2020

The sun in 2020 will stop giving warmth. Such a prediction was made by the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga.

A few days ago, an episode dedicated to Vanga's predictions for next year was shown on the NTV channel. The daughter-in-law of the prophetess Zdravka Yaneva told about them. Among other predictions of Vanga, she mentioned what concerns a natural disaster that could happen on Earth in 2020.

According to Yaneva, Vanga said that next year the Sun would stop giving warmth, although it would continue to give light.

According to the prediction of the famous seer, a global economic crisis will begin in the world in the first six months of 2020. However, Russia will cope with it.

“She predicted the financial crisis. This will affect us too, but Russia must withstand,”said Vanga's daughter-in-law Zdravka Yaneva.

In the coming year, Russia will be successful in international affairs - perhaps a new alliance of the Russian Federation, China and India.

“Vanga then said the following: something like that will appear in Russia. Or it will be a new economic miracle. Or it will be something spiritual. Something that will become the basis for the development of the whole world”, - remembered the translator of the seer Stoyan Petrov.

In Western Europe in the coming year, Wanga predicted conflicts on religious and ethnic grounds. The Old World will be shaken by unrest for several years.