Satellite image shows the extent of flooding in Madagascar

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Satellite image shows the extent of flooding in Madagascar
Satellite image shows the extent of flooding in Madagascar

Heavy rains in Madagascar have caused fatal flooding in the northern parts of the island. A new image from NASA's Landsat 8 satellite shows brown rivers overflowing from severe flooding.


In the photo on the left - January 18, 2017, and on the right - January 27, 2020. Photo: Landsat 8 / NASA Earth Observatory

Compared to an image of the same area from January 18, 2017, when weather conditions were normal, the new Landsat 8 image shows extensive damage caused by flooding.

On January 28, NASA astronaut Christina Koch also shared flood photos taken from the International Space Station.

Northwest Madagascar, where the rivers run red in extreme flooding. Our thoughts are with those affected. Stay safe.

- Christina H Koch (@Astro_Christina) January 28, 2020

Abnormal rain

In the city of Mahajanga, 592 millimeters of precipitation fell in January, of which 358 mm fell in just a few days from January 19-25. For comparison, normal rainfall in January in this region is only 292 mm. Likewise, Arrahart received 192 mm of rainfall from January 19 to 25 and 495 mm of rainfall throughout January. Typical rainfall in Arrahart in January is only 159 mm.

Cities were submerged in water, livestock died and granaries were destroyed. More than 100 thousand people were evacuated. Roads of regional importance are blocked, which is why ground rescuers are unable to provide sufficient assistance.

State of emergency

Due to reports of floods and landslides in the regions of Alaotra, Analamanga, Boeni, Betsiboka, Mangoro, Melacca and Sofia, the government has already declared a state of emergency and requested international assistance. The government also dispatched helicopters and other vehicles to help the victims.