Treatment of hepatitis C: methods and drugs

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Treatment of hepatitis C: methods and drugs
Treatment of hepatitis C: methods and drugs

Hepatitis C is a liver disease that has long been considered difficult to treat. Today the situation has changed, thanks to modern medicines, you can get rid of pathology, the main thing is to prescribe correct and timely therapy

Traditional therapy method

Initially, in the treatment of HCV, interferon therapy was used in combination with ribavirin. Long-term results from these medications have not always been positive. More often, the virus adapted to the antivirals and quietly developed further, continuing to infect healthy liver cells. This led to complications and, even, could be fatal. A similar outcome of the course of the disease did not encourage patients to recover. The majority have formed the opinion that hepatitis C is forever.

New generation American generics

It became possible to fight HCV when, pharmacists presented the world with the first antiviral generics based on Sofosbuvir. Solvadi's drug was aimed at completely destroying the virus, but later it became clear that the aforementioned active substance was not able to cope with the pathogen on its own. To enhance its effect, several more compounds were developed: Ledipasvir, Velpatasvir, Voxilaprevir, their commercial names: Epkluza, Harvoni, Vosevi.

Despite the effectiveness of the drugs, it was not possible to suppress the massive epidemic of hepatitis C. The reason for this is the high price of funds, about 1000, 00 US dollars per pill.


Indian counterparts

Indian pharmacists helped the patients to believe in complete recovery. They have developed an equally effective analogue of expensive American drugs at an affordable price.

These generics are based on 4 active ingredients:

  • Daclatasvir;
  • Ledipasvir;
  • Velpatasvir;
  • Sofosbuvir.

With a certain combination of Sofosbuvir with other drugs, it is able to cure HCV of any hepatotype. When Ledispavir is added to it, the virus of 1-4 genotypes is eliminated, Daklatasvir - 1-5, Velpatasvir - 1-6.

The action of generics is aimed at arresting viral cells and completely preventing the further development of the disease. At the same time, the tablets do not harm the patient's health. They are well tolerated, extremely rarely, cause side reactions that are insignificant and appear in the form of:

  • headaches;
  • general malaise;
  • lack of sleep;
  • digestive disorders.

Unpleasant sensations, bothering patients for a short time, they disappear on their own, 10-14 days after the start of the course, the cancellation or change of the dose of generic therapy is not required.

The mild effect of generic drugs allows them to be taken even by those who, in addition to HCV, have additional pathologies: diabetes mellitus, liver fibrosis or cirrhosis, HIV. It is prohibited to treat the disease:

  • in children under 18 years of age;
  • are pregnant;
  • in women during lactation;
  • in patients with individual intolerance to the constituent drugs.

It becomes possible to completely overcome the disease in 12-24 weeks, it all depends on the severity of the pathology. At the same time, it is important to follow all the doctor's prescriptions, not to violate the rules for taking pills, adhere to a diet, give up alcohol and tobacco smoking.

It is not recommended to prescribe a course for yourself on your own, before you start taking drugs, you need to consult a doctor.


Where can I buy

Indian generics are not distributed through the pharmacy chain, they can only be purchased on the Internet from official representatives. One of these is our resource; to purchase the necessary funds, just follow the link: select the necessary ones and place an order.

You should not buy medicines on dubious sites, at low prices, in non-original packaging or different from the one presented by official pharmaceutical companies. Non-original funds can not only not lead to positive results, but also seriously affect health.