What is the difference between fractional mesotherapy?

What is the difference between fractional mesotherapy?
What is the difference between fractional mesotherapy?

In the course of performing this kind of cosmetic procedure, specialized needles are inserted into the dermatological integument at the cultivated area to a depth of 0.5 to 2 mm. Microdamages during such manipulations cover at least three hundred microns at the same time. The cosmetologist chooses the needles and the proper depth of the punctures due to the distinctive features of the client's dermatological surfaces. The dermis layer and the area of coverage of the problematic place to be cut are also of great importance.

Fractional therapy can be performed both on the face and on different parts of the client's torso. Full renewal of the skin at the cellular level at the treated site occurs already by the 5th session. Another important point is the cyclical nature of the procedures. It depends on the difficulty to be solved, but also on the condition of the skin.

As a principle, at least 1-2 weeks must pass between such sessions, which are conducted in a single course. The consequences of punctures heal on the 2nd - 3rd day after the mesotherapy. For this reason, if the manipulation is planned to be carried out on the skin of the face, the client is obliged to plan a course of therapy in advance so that one of the procedures does not fall into the interval of the planned important meeting.

The execution period of any session can range from 15 to 45 minutes. in connection with the site of the area being worked out. The largest number of sessions that can be carried out in one course should not be more than 10 professional visits.

What do cosmetologists use to perform fractional mesotherapy?

There are specialized devices that are directly prescribed to perform fractional mesotherapy. They can be either stationary with power from the mains, thus also mobile, powered by independent power sources.

In this technique, the inter-needle distance is selected in a similar way, that during the 1st session, up to 20% of the treated dermatological integuments acquire active stimulation for accelerated renewal. All this makes it possible, within 5 sessions, to renew up to 100% of the dermatological integuments on the treated areas of the face or trunk.

For such devices, specialized nozzles are taken into account, which specific bundles of a silver-coated needle have. Such a coating protects the needles from rapid wear, but in addition eliminates the development of acute inflammatory actions in the treated areas of the skin.

During the period for which it is planned to carry out fractional mesotherapy, it is not recommended to cover the skin with creams and apply cosmetics to the face. Another essential requirement is not to be in the sun for a long time during the manipulation period, and also not to carry out chemical peeling procedures for 2 weeks until a mesotherapy session.

Indications for fractal mesotherapy

In the main, such procedures can be very useful for the skin of the face, but they can be used with triumph in other places of the body. However, directly for the individual, this procedure is preferable, so as on the face, in the first place, negative age-related changes are also more clearly manifested. Among the evidence for this kind of procedure, it is possible to include:

  • the presence of solid wrinkles and folds;
  • acne in remission;
  • loss of turgor of dermatological integuments;
  • scars after surgery;
  • the presence of stretch marks;
  • enlarged / hypertrophied pores;
  • pigmentation spots on various parts of the body;
  • increased fat content of the skin (excessive dynamism of the fatty glands);
  • cellulite deposits;
  • unhealthy, dull skin tone;
  • alopecia is also a non-observance of blood circulation in the scalp;
  • the presence of fat folds on the trunk.