The dangers of winter without snow are named

The dangers of winter without snow are named
The dangers of winter without snow are named

If it doesn’t snow in winter, the harvest will decrease in summer and mosquitoes and other insects important to the food chain will not appear. This was announced by the head of the Finnish South Karelian Institute of Allergology and the Environment Kimmo Saarinen, reports the YLE edition.

According to the ecologist, mosquitoes breed in ponds, which are formed due to the melting of snow in the spring. If it is not there, then the insects will not have a breeding ground. Their absence, in turn, will lead to nutritional problems in birds that eat small insects.

Lack of snow will also lead to poor harvests in some crops. The snow cover serves as a source of moisture for the soil, and also protects winter crops from winds and hypothermia.

At the same time, the expert said that, despite the absence of snow, one should not be afraid of a sharp change in climate and ecology. He recalled that abnormally warm winters have already occurred, and that the state of most plants is the same as at normal temperatures in January.

Earlier, therapist Larisa Alekseeva spoke about the health consequences of abnormally warm weather in winter. According to the doctor, during such a period, chronic diseases are often exacerbated, primarily those associated with the respiratory tract and the cardiovascular system. At risk were people with asthma and allergies, as well as those citizens diagnosed with gastritis, kidney and pancreatic disease.