Unique Christian crypt discovered in Crimea

Unique Christian crypt discovered in Crimea
Unique Christian crypt discovered in Crimea

A Christian crypt with remains was discovered in Crimea. The burial was found in the temple complex on Mount Kilse-Burun in Yalta.

As the correspondent of RIA "New Day" reports, Mount Kilse-Burun (Church Cape) - the highest rocky outcropping of the Baydaro-Kastropolskaya (Baydarskaya) wall, is located near the village of Sanatornoye and reaches a height of 711.8 meters. The Christian temple complex existed on the mountain from the 9th to the 15th centuries. Since 2016, archaeological excavations have been conducted here by the Institute of Archeology of Crimea, Russian Academy of Sciences, under the leadership of Natalia Turova.

“A vaulted crypt has been discovered, from which not only the underground chamber, but also the ground structures have survived,” the expedition coordinator quotes “Interfax-South”. “More than 10 remains of the buried were found inside: adults and children, and also, presumably, a priest, because a large processional iron cross and a star were discovered.”

The preliminary burial dates from the 13th-15th centuries. The crypt has a rectangular shape: underground its height is 1.2 m, length is 2 m, width is 1.3 m, and the outer part is twice as large. The structure has been preserved in perfect condition.

According to scientists, the open crypt has no analogues in the mountainous Crimea yet; all the burials discovered so far are arranged differently.

Research will continue in the coming year.