Russians' favorite soups are called unhealthy

Russians' favorite soups are called unhealthy
Russians' favorite soups are called unhealthy

The list of harmful soups in Russian cuisine, compiled by nutritionists, includes the favorite dishes of Russians.

In particular, according to, it includes the most common soups - borscht and cabbage soup. Doctors warned that sauerkraut and tomatoes are harmful to people with stomach ailments, as well as the frying required to cook them. In addition, they noted, cabbage and carrots are vegetables that absorb nitrates.

As for soups based on chicken broth, there is a nuance: only homemade chicken soups are harmless, and “store” chickens are literally stuffed with chemical additives to enhance growth, and such broth cannot have a positive effect on health.

It is not recommended to cook broths from offal - the liver, kidneys and hearts of animals combine all the most harmful things that animals ate during their lifetime, and in beef bones during research you can find salts and heavy metals, which is also harmful to the body.

Many Russians consider vegetable soups useful, but even here nutritionists are merciless - such a soup can rather be called useless, since vegetables lose vitamins and useful properties during heat treatment.

Fish soups are dangerous because some types of fish contain mercury. In particular, these are tuna, perch, halibut and sea trout. Mercury is also found in squid, shrimp contains a large dose of arsenic, and mussels contain a substance called saxitoxin, which can cause a nerve effect.

Instant soups are called by nutritionists a poison for the body.