Orthopedic mattresses: healthy sleep and great well-being

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Orthopedic mattresses: healthy sleep and great well-being
Orthopedic mattresses: healthy sleep and great well-being

One often hears complaints that a night's sleep does not give vigor, and getting out of bed a person feels even more tired. Most often, the reason is trivial - incorrectly selected bedding. It is no secret that the position of a person's body during sleep, combined with the quality of materials, directly affects well-being. It is in 2020 that most people prefer orthopedic mattresses, which are able to maintain the health of the spine or provide an improvement in the condition of those who already have back problems or suffer from chronic fatigue.

Main characteristics

What is the main difference between an orthopedic mattress from a conventional one? The main secret is the ability of such a product to create conditions for the physiologically correct position of the spine. This effect is achieved in various ways - through the use of independent spring blocks, special fillers, etc. (The mechanism of "work" of the product depends on the variety and model). Mattresses are usually classified into the following types:

  • spring;
  • springless;
  • hybrid.

Spring models are equipped with a block of dependent or independent springs. Springless models, as the name implies, do not have springs: elastic materials are used as fillers. In addition, some manufacturers now offer hybrid models that combine an independent spring block and modern fillers. Models with memory effect can provide additional comfort.

Choosing quality products

When choosing mattresses, many factors are taken into account: health status, weight, age, lifestyle and preferences. Before buying, it is recommended to consult with a specialist: this will avoid mistakes when selecting the optimal model. It is especially important to take into account the doctor's recommendations if you have health problems (for example, if your posture is disturbed, hard mattresses are shown, and in case of problems in the lumbar spine, soft mattresses).

However, none of this matters if the products do not meet quality standards. Therefore, first of all, you need to choose products from trusted manufacturers. So, the manufacturing company "Sonya" offers to buy orthopedic mattresses, both retail and wholesale. Thanks to the control system of production processes, the Sonya company is able to guarantee the impeccable quality of the products presented in the range. When creating products, the manufacturer takes into account the recommendations of a number of specialists - orthopedists, allergists, etc.