Abnormal winter is spreading across the world

Abnormal winter is spreading across the world
Abnormal winter is spreading across the world

The northern and southern countries seem to have changed the weather these days. Several provinces of Spain were in the snow on Monday. Due to snowstorms, dozens of highways were closed, ports stopped working. Snowfalls covered the Middle East; in the capital of Iran, flights were canceled for this reason. And even the inhabitants of Egypt were warned about the need to dress warmer because of the low, by local standards, temperatures: in Cairo, about + 16 °!

The cause of cataclysms in countries known for their warm climates is the northeastern stream, which formed on the periphery of the Azores anticyclone. And the westerly winds in the opposite part of this center carry the air masses warmed by the Gulf Stream to the borders of Russia. The consequences of abnormal weather are becoming more and more striking. In the Leningrad region, for example, snakes woke up ahead of time. At the same time, prolonged rains caused by the invasion of Atlantic cyclones forced some rivers to overflow their banks. One of the villages in the Boksitogorsk region was cut off from civilization. Rescuers transport local residents in boats. By the way, some regions of Finland are drowning now.

In this anomalous winter, the inhabitants of Russia are already just right to envy the snowdrifts in Spain and Iran. In St. Petersburg, since the beginning of December, snow has lain in total for just over a week. In the capital, the snow cover lasted 2.5 times less than usual.

And tomorrow a new cyclone will break through the Russian Plain, carrying another heat wave. The intrusion of the vortex will lead to an increase in the contrasts of atmospheric pressure in the region. This means that the wind will intensify. In the center and north-west of the country, gusts of 15-20 m / s and more are predicted. The Novgorod and Pskov regions will be in the epicenter of the storm - here in some places the wind speed can exceed 25 m / s.

At the same time, a significant part of European Russia will be in the thaw zone. In some areas, thermometer columns will even overcome the + 5 ° mark. At the same time, to the east, the temperature will be slightly negative, which is 6-8 ° higher than the required climate. In such a situation, it is worth waiting for records of the maximum temperature. The capital will not be an exception.

In Moscow, precipitation is expected today, turning into rains, and the temperature will rise rapidly: by the evening about + 4 °. Thus, one of the oldest heat records set on January 21, 1898 - + 3.8 ° - may fall. But then the flow of Atlantic air will weaken, and the temperature will drop on Wednesday.