Paid dental prosthetics: types of implants

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Paid dental prosthetics: types of implants
Paid dental prosthetics: types of implants

Dental implantation is a modern technology used by orthopedic doctors and surgeons to restore the patient's dentition. First, a strong titanium rod is implanted into the bone tissue, which acts as a root. Then a crown is placed on this rod.

A ceramic crown is not inferior in functionality to native teeth, and surpasses them in aesthetic properties. Dental clinics offer paid dental prosthetics. The cost of the service depends on the amount of care provided and the type of implant.

Types of implants

Dental products and materials are manufactured by American, European and Asian companies. Modern dentistry offers several options to choose from. The most popular are implants:

  • Nobel Biocare (Switzerland),
  • Astra tech (Sweden),
  • DENTIUM (South Korea).

Nobel biocare

Nobel Biocare titanium implants are considered the best in their class. They have been successfully used in dental clinics all over the world for over 40 years. During this time, they have repeatedly confirmed their safety and reliability.

Swiss brand products have many advantages. One of them is a unique patented production technology, thanks to which the survival rate is 99.3%. This is the highest rate of all.

The second feature is the porous surface, which has the property of integrating into the patient's bone tissue. Conical shape speeds up installation, minimizes the risk of injury. In modern clinics, turnkey Nobel Biocare implants are installed in one step, which is appreciated by busy patients.

Astra tech

Premium segment products operating in this segment for about 70 years. The Swedish brand uses the following innovations:

  • This is the name of the patented fluoride coating. It is applied to the surface of the implant, softens the bone tissue, accelerates its growth;
  • MicroThread is a micro-thread on the neck that provides an even distribution of the load on the bone, minimizing the risk of bone tissue injuries during the implantation process.


South Korean products appeared on the Russian market relatively recently - in 2006. In such a short time, the brand has already gained a sufficient number of fans. The secret of popularity is top quality and democratic cost, which is 1.5-2 times lower than the cost of Swiss counterparts.

All products are made of titanium alloy, certified. The double thread allows for easy, injury-free installation.