A luxurious Roman villa with a giant mosaic found in Spain

A luxurious Roman villa with a giant mosaic found in Spain
A luxurious Roman villa with a giant mosaic found in Spain

In Spain, archaeologists excavating a newly discovered complex of ancient Roman villas have uncovered a gigantic and well-preserved mosaic.

According to Heritage Daily, the discovery was made by archaeologists from the University of Jaen. A giant mosaic has been found in a recently excavated complex of Roman villas in El Altillo.

By the way, the story of this discovery began with the mosaic. First, archaeologists found fragments of a mosaic known as tessera in an olive grove in southern Spain. The researchers suggested that a large settlement from the Roman period could have been located here.

Since there is no written mention of such a city, it was decided to carry out archaeological excavations, and the local authorities financed the work.

The site was explored by a team of archaeologists led by Marcos Soto Civantos and José Luis Serrano Peña. As a result, a luxurious and huge Roman villa was discovered. Scientists have dated it to the 4th century AD, although they suggest that the site was permanently inhabited between the 1st and 5th centuries.

Inside this villa, a giant mosaic measuring 9x18 meters was discovered. It is reported that it consists of geometric and guilloche (ornamental pattern in the form of a grid or intertwining wavy lines) patterns. By the way, this work is already recognized as one of the largest known mosaics ever discovered in the southern regions of Spain.

Near the villa, archaeologists have also unearthed an ancient cemetery, a pottery kiln that was used to make tiles, and a mill that was probably used to produce olive oil.

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