"They are scientists exploring new worlds" - Native American Indian spoke of meetings with "star people"

"They are scientists exploring new worlds" - Native American Indian spoke of meetings with "star people"
"They are scientists exploring new worlds" - Native American Indian spoke of meetings with "star people"

For indigenous Indians, the concept of "Star People" is not just a myth, but an everyday reality. Aliens began to visit the Indians in ancient times, and an unbreakable bond was established between them and the Indians, which continues to this day.

Today I want to tell you a story told by a native Indian named Russell. He is a veteran Vietnam veteran who grew up in a religious boarding school and was mistreated there, but it was then that Star People first came into contact with him:

It was at the boarding school. I was about seven years old. The priest took me to the chapel. He told me to kneel down. He said that I should stay there all day if I don't learn to speak English. When the priest left, I heard him locking the door.

I remember how salty my tears were, and I was worried that I would have to pee right here on my knees when suddenly a light appeared outside the chapel window and a creature appeared.

At first I thought that one of the older boys was saving me. But instead, as I learned, it was not an older boy, but a star traveler. He lifted me up, pulled me to him, and we went through the wall, as if it was not there. He helped me escape.

They looked like robots. More like beetles than earthly men, but I was so happy that I was not in the chapel, away from those nuns and priests, that I didn't care. The devil himself could take me to hell and I would be happy.

I think these star travelers were watching the school. Maybe my old man was right. He told me about them many times, I listened, but perceived our legends, simply, as legends. They are really watching us. Anyway, they taught me mind control. They helped me learn to live with pain and survive in isolation.

After that first incident, I never felt pain again. I could kneel for 58 hours on the floor of this chapel, spit in the face of the priest, and stand for another 48 hours. I just didn't feel anything. When I went to Vietnam, where I was captured and tortured, I felt no pain. I learned to separate myself from my body and not feel pain.

I think the Star People sensed me from a distance. They knew when stress and pain were getting too much for me. That's when they came. I always went with them willingly, not because I especially liked them, but because I could get away from a more uncomfortable situation.

They taught me to control my mind, and I learned to use it against them. Or rather, not against them, but began to use it for his own purposes. In fact, they found my ability to control my mind to be quite interesting and I made them do something for me.

We were in a POW camp. Very little food. I made them bring me fruit. At the boarding school, food was often taken away from me. In the POW camp, none of us had enough food, so I insisted that they bring me fruit. Oranges. Apples. Bananas. It was then that I learned that I could just demand something and it appeared. When I thought I needed a fruit, it just appeared out of thin air.

Only for all this and I had to do something for them. Get a medical examination. Allow them to collect semen and all necessary samples. They experimented with my eyes and nose. Influenced the eyes with different liquids, varying degrees of brightness.

They don't have eyes like ours or noses. I think they find our eyes very interesting. They took a lot of blood from me.

They taught me how to control pain. There are panels and they put you inside them.Panels move; one part moves in one direction, the other in the other. They move faster and faster until you become one with the panels, and then you feel no pain.

If I wanted, I could ask them to take me out of captivity and transfer me to my reservation. Perhaps I could choose this path. But then I didn't think about it. When you're in a POW camp, camaraderie develops with survival.

There was no way I could leave my friends, and the Star People could not take them all to safety. They have some principles not to interfere in life if it changes the course of history.

I don't think my life would have changed history, but there was one guy I was there with who became a politician. Another became the CEO of a large company. So perhaps rescuing them from that camp would have made them completely different people.

For some reason I just realized that this is not an option and this is not what I wanted. The fact that they came to me was a sufficient relief from the fact that I was in captivity. They made it manageable. My stay there.

They kidnap a lot of people. I think they are scientists exploring new worlds. I can't even answer what is more in them - good or evil …

They were kind to me. I thought they were good when they saved me, but I saw the evil side too. I saw how they hurt people, but did not teach them how to control pain. They didn't seem to care. They caused people incredible pain, but it did not cause any emotion or empathy in them.

When I was in the army, they several times took away all the soldiers who were then in our barracks. They even took our weapons. They just took and took away everyone from the military base, along with all the weapons.

They studied everything. They never left their weapons, examined, and then returned everything back to their places.

They treated me very differently than other people. Maybe because I am a Native American and my grandfather was right when he said that we have a special relationship with them.

When we were returned to the barracks, none of the guys remembered this event. Nobody remembered anything at all. I always thought it was weird. I once told a guy about it.

He asked if he didn’t remember at all that they took him away and did very painful things to him, and he asked me if I was trying to pretend to be crazy in order to leave the service. He told me it wouldn't work. And he laughed at my words.

I believe that there are several races from "other places" that visit our planet. I only met with "Star People", but there are others …

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