Animals instantly frozen alive are found in Kazakhstan and Altai

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Animals instantly frozen alive are found in Kazakhstan and Altai
Animals instantly frozen alive are found in Kazakhstan and Altai

Frosts in Kazakhstan caused by the anticyclone lead to the death of the saiga antelope. Animals freeze while standing … Severe frosts in Kazakhstan, severe frosts are expected, birds freeze on the fly … The same anomalies are recorded in the Altai Territory.

Two dogs and a rat froze and turned into ice in the Talgar district of the Almaty region

Dead dogs look at each other and seem to be in motion. A rat froze on one of the dogs. The ice statues shocked the locals. The incident took place in the Panfilov rural district, at the Talap state farm.

Kazhydromet said that on January 6, in some districts of the Almaty region, at night the air temperature reached minus 30-32 degrees.

In the Almaty region, a sheep was filmed, frozen to death in the cold. The unfortunate animal was left to stand in this form right in the steppe. A shocking video of the frozen sheep spread on social media.

Social media footage shows a sheep standing in the steppe. The man takes her on camera, then pushes her with his foot, and she falls. Presumably, the video was filmed in the Almaty region.

"January 6, 2021. In Zhansugurov (presumably, a village in the Almaty region - note), a sheep froze from the cold on the spot," says the author of the video.

"Look, Almaty, Tabaksovkhoz. Such frosts at night … two dogs froze. On one of the dogs, a rat or a mouse also froze. They probably came to fight," the man says on the recording.

Kazhydromet said that on the night of January 8 and 9, there was a severe frost in some places in the Almaty region.

Unfortunately, this is real, my friend's dog recently froze to death as well, because his brother left the door open. Although in Taldykorgan -39

In Pavlodar region, convicted volunteers pick up freezing stray cats and dogs from the streets.

Severe frosts in the region, sometimes reaching -43 degrees, are very difficult for animals. Probation officers and convicted volunteers walked through the courtyards and entrances of high-rise buildings and rescued more than fifty abandoned pets.

“On holidays, the probation service officers of Ekibastuz, in order to prevent the recurrence of crime, checked the convicts at their place of residence. deliver homeless poor fellows to the shelter, - said the senior inspector of the probation service of Ekibastuz Birzhan Nazimov.

According to the regional Department of the Criminal Correctional System, Pavlodar probation officers also asked the convicts to show sympathy for the animals and not leave them in the cold.

The fox froze on the move in the Altai Territory

The video was filmed in the Bystroistok district. In the "Incident Barnaul" community on the VKontakte social network, a video appeared showing a fox that turned into a piece of ice on the move. At the same time, a bird is visible on the animal's back, which probably tried to warm up on the still warm body of the fox, but also died.


According to the author, the video was filmed near the village of Bystry Istok, where in the morning the temperature dropped below -45 ° C.

Forecasters warned that last night the air temperature in the Altai Territory will drop to -45 degrees. On the night from Monday to Tuesday, the specialists of the regional hydrometeorological center promise -30 … -35 ° С, in some places up to -42 degrees.