Thyroid: Cancer Removal

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Thyroid: Cancer Removal
Thyroid: Cancer Removal

It is known that removing thyroid cancer is the most effective way to get rid of this terrible disease. However, how safe is the operation, and are drastic measures always necessary?

In what cases is the operation indicated?

The choice of methods of influencing the tumor is made based on the stage of the disease, the age of the patient, etc. Of all the available and applied means, surgery is considered the most effective and sufficient. Most often, the organ is removed along with the tumor.

Features of the treatment of various forms of cancer

Follicular form. The tumor, consisting of follicular cells, belongs to the category of difficult to diagnose by the type of affiliation - malignant neoplasm or benign. Therefore, it must be removed, and in full, since even microscopic foci can lead to a dangerous relapse. The prognosis after total thyroidectomy is favorable. If there is a suspicion of metastases and doubts about the sufficiency of surgical intervention, additional radioiodine therapy is performed. Targeted therapy can be used as an additional tool. Follicular cancer is not sensitive to chemotherapeutic effects

Papillary form. For the treatment of this type, only surgery is used. This is the only and sufficient treatment. The gland itself is removed in whole or in part; in case of metastasis to the lymph nodes, their removal is also performed. The postoperative prognosis is favorable, the survival rate, even in the presence of metastases in the lymph nodes, is approx. 100%

Aggressive forms. With the timely diagnosis of a rapidly growing tumor, its surgical removal is performed, as a rule, together with the lymph nodes. These forms are not sensitive to radioiodine therapy, therefore, after removal, passive observation is performed. However, in practice, aggressive, fast-growing thyroid cancer is rarely diagnosed in the early stages, so patients are offered palliative care

How is the operation going

Surgery to remove a thyroid tumor is not considered difficult as long as the procedure is performed by a qualified surgeon. The whole process takes up to 3 hours, after which the patient is transferred to the ward. The hospital stay is usually limited to a few days (usually up to 3 days). Further, the patient is monitored, in some cases, therapeutic drugs are prescribed to prevent relapse.

After the operation, the patient is prescribed replacement therapy to provide the body with the necessary hormones.


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