Thai massage - technique of execution

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Thai massage - technique of execution
Thai massage - technique of execution

Traditional Thai massage will help you plunge into the unique atmosphere of an exotic country.

The procedure will give you a feeling of peace and harmony, allowing you to relax and release tension. Before the session, it is worth learning about the benefits of Thai traditional massage and the peculiarities of the technique.

Features of the execution technique

Note that this is a medical procedure. The massage includes yoga techniques. The movements of the masseur are gentle, soothing.

It has been established that the human body is permeated with energy lines. In specific places on the lines, acupressure points are placed.

The impact on them allows you to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. It is important that the master has sufficient knowledge about the structure of the human body and about where the points are located.

The point technique allows you to influence them with the help of the professional hands of the massage therapist.

But the master uses not only the palms. Thai massage assumes that the specialist will apply other parts of the body:

  • feet;
  • elbows;
  • lap.

This technique allows you to massage the muscles that are deep. And this leads to even more relaxation.

The master guides the patient into a state of meditation with rhythmic movements. The masseur combines smooth tangency and passive movements. Relaxation effect is achieved.

10-15 sessions are enough to regain lost strength, calm muscles, stretch joints and ligaments, and fill with vital energy.

Elbow massage
Elbow massage

Types of Thai massage

Masters use two types of techniques. The techniques are applied individually or in combination.


They are used pointwise, for a specific area of the body. The master chooses the degree of intensity and the force of pressure, depending on the general condition of the client. It is important for the masseur that the person feels comfortable.


With the help of twisting, stretching, the effect of complete relaxation is achieved. The methods are designed to relieve stiffness, tightness. The master applies techniques to massage the limbs, shoulders, back and cervical spine.

Vitality is restored, the nervous system calms down, the energy balance is returned to normal. The relaxation effect does not leave even after the session.

Benefits of Thai massage

Knee massage
Knee massage

The history of Thai massage is more than 2 thousand years old. The subtleties of the technique are set out in a written source back in the 17th century. The secrets of the healing technique have been passed down from generation to generation. This made it possible to preserve the experience of the most ancient masters.

Thai massage has several advantages over other techniques. Circumstances allow a huge number of people to choose a technique. Let's note the advantages of the procedure:

  1. Vitality is restored.
  2. The body becomes flexible, plastic.
  3. Stress and fatigue are eliminated.
  4. The muscles relax.
  5. Blood flow improves.

The technique restores not only physical strength, but also spiritual strength.

Traditional Thai massage is included in official medicine events in hot Thailand. This confirms the benefits of the oldest technique.

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