What parameters affect the aging of motor rubber

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What parameters affect the aging of motor rubber
What parameters affect the aging of motor rubber

Motor sports fans carefully choose tires for their bikes, and rightly so, since the quality of tires directly affects such ride parameters as safety, dynamic characteristics, stability on the track. There is a widespread belief that only new tires have maximum performance parameters, and that one that has already been driven for at least a couple of weeks no longer has optimal characteristics. This article will look at why motorcycle tires cease to be reliable, from which their properties deteriorate, where you need to buy tires so that they serve for a long time.

Are assembly line tires so good?

In the manufacture of tires, manufacturers apply a final coating to the surface to help maintain elasticity. It is because of him that the new motorcycle tires are glossy and perfectly smooth. To achieve optimal performance, this coating must be removed (run in), but it must be done at a certain speed. Only then will the tires get perfect grip on the track. Therefore, sometimes used tires have better parameters than new ones.

Factors of accelerated wear of motorcycle tires

You can often observe such a situation that rubber that has not yet been 2 months from entering the market has defects and cracks, and that which has been stored for more than 3 years is in perfect condition. This is due to the storage conditions of motorcycle tires and the following negative factors:

  • direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • high humidity levels;
  • sudden changes in temperature;
  • storage in the wrong position.

To completely remove the destructive effect of the above factors, special storage facilities with installed control devices and special stands are required.

What falls under the classification of "old" tires

This category includes motorcycle tires that have been stored for a long period (several months or years) in a basement, on a balcony, in a garage without heating, outdoors, etc. The result is a drying out of the compound, microcracks appear between the tread elements. If you install such tires on a bike and start to use them intensively, the defects will increase, and the cord may even be exposed. This classification also includes products with a tread groove depth of less than 8 mm.

From this it becomes clear that you need to store motorcycle tires at a certain temperature and humidity in the correct position (horizontally, vertically, on suspensions). Therefore, you should purchase rubber for a bike in trusted companies that have warehouses that comply with standards.

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