The aftermath of a powerful earthquake in Turkey and Greece

The aftermath of a powerful earthquake in Turkey and Greece
The aftermath of a powerful earthquake in Turkey and Greece

The death toll from the earthquake, which also struck Turkey and Greece, increased to 27 people, more than 800 people were injured.

Rescue teams in the Turkish port city of Izmir are looking in the ruins of collapsed buildings for those who survived the strong earthquake that struck last Friday.

In Izmir, complex operations are being carried out to pull people out of the rubble.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported that the quake was magnitude 7.0, but Turkey rated it lower at 6.6.

The tremors triggered tsunami waves that hit coastal areas and islands in both Turkey and Greece.

Officials said 25 people died in Izmir in western Turkey. A girl and a boy died on Samos when a wall collapsed on them.

At night, the search for survivors continued in 20 buildings destroyed by the earthquake.

Search and rescue operations have been completed at eight buildings, officials said. To date, about 70 survivors have been pulled out from under the rubble.

Authorities in the center of Izmir have set up a tent city to house about 2,000 people amid fears that other buildings could collapse as well.

About 4,000 rescuers, 475 vehicles and 20 service dogs were deployed, according to Turkish state news agency Anadolu.

According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake struck 14 km from the Greek city of Karlovassi on the island of Samos at 13:51 local time (11:51 GMT).

It says the earthquake, which was felt even in Athens and Istanbul, occurred at a depth of 21 km, although Turkish officials said it was 16 km underground.

The greatest damage occurred in Izmir, off the coast of the Aegean Sea of Turkey, where tremors caused many people to run out into the streets in fear and panic.

There have been reports of flooding in Izmir following rising sea levels, with one person killed after his wheelchair was knocked over and overturned by a tsunami wave.

Izmir is Turkey's third largest city with a population of nearly three million.

Two teenagers were killed in the collapse of the wall on Samos in Greece. On the island, where about 45 thousand people live, eight people were injured.

A mini tsunami flooded the port of Samos and damaged several buildings. Greek officials rated the strength of the push at 6.7.

“We felt it very strongly,” said local journalist Manos Stefanakis, adding that small tremors continue.

He said these were the strongest tremors on the island since 1904.

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