The dying hear what is said about them: is it true

The dying hear what is said about them: is it true
The dying hear what is said about them: is it true

Can a person hear while in a dying state? For many years, scientists have tried to answer this question, but only recently have they managed to do it.

Psychologists at the University of British Columbia in Canada conducted an experiment in which patients receiving palliative care at St. John's Hospice in Vancouver took part. Among the participants in the experiment were both those who are still conscious, as well as those who were already dying. Some subjects went through both stages of the experiment.

All patients played a short musical composition and watched how their brains reacted to sounds using EEG. It turned out that the brain of dying patients responds to music in the same way as the brain of healthy people:

“We do not yet have an answer to the question of whether a person at death understands what he hears or does not understand. This remains a mystery. But at the same time, it is clear that we must talk with the dying to the very end. Nurses and hospice doctors are well aware of this. Perhaps the voices of loved ones bring consolation to the dying in the last minutes of their lives,”

- emphasized the author of the study, Elizabeth Blundon.

Thus, Canadian scientists managed to make a kind of breakthrough. Until a few years ago, researchers had no idea which sense organ stopped working last. Now it became obvious that hearing helps people at death to keep in touch with the outside world for some time.

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