How to choose the right electronic thermometers for your home, hospital or shopping center

How to choose the right electronic thermometers for your home, hospital or shopping center
How to choose the right electronic thermometers for your home, hospital or shopping center

The old mercury thermometers are finally a thing of the past, they take too long to take readings, are fragile and dangerous to use. A modern electronic thermometer is just as accurate, but it shows the true temperature not after 10-15 minutes, but after 2-3 minutes. The main thing is to choose a suitable option, convenient and practical. The widest range of such products can be found on the Medchudo website All products here are certified and sold at market prices.

Types of electronic thermometers

Non-contact thermometers are in great demand now. Due to the global pandemic, many organizations, shopping centers, offices are required to measure the temperature of visitors. There is no way to wait 2-3 minutes, and the question of hygiene at the contact thermometer arises. The non-contact allows you to find out the approximate temperature in a second with a certain error, but this is enough.

The contact thermometer, on the other hand, provides maximum measurement accuracy, is compact, and works for a long time on one battery. However, this solution is suitable for point impacts. An electronic thermometer is a must-have in every home. They are also measured the temperature in hospitals, it is worth buying it at the enterprise or office, to quickly identify colds and flu in employees. You can order such products on the website

Choosing a contact electronic thermometer

You shouldn't choose the cheapest models without certificates. This is critically important, since the manufacturer saves on the sensor, and there are times when the sensor is completely absent or faulty. The readings are generated by the chip and are far from the true temperature.

The rules for choosing a good thermometer include:

- Brand and certificate. The best electronic thermometers have proven accurate to 0.05 degrees. It is always necessary to pay attention to this aspect.

- Application. Generally, there are universal mouth-under-arm models on the market. However, there are special models for measuring in other areas, for example, in the ear.

- Design. The thermometer should be comfortable, lie well, not slip out. The power and reset button is necessarily protected from accidental pressing.

- Functionality. For home use, the basic features are enough. However, in the clinic, the memory function will be useful, some models can graph the temperature measurements of a particular patient.

Selection of a non-contact electronic thermometer

The required measurement accuracy must be clearly defined. Expensive certified infrared thermometers have an error of 0, 1-0, 2 degrees. In practice, such accuracy is needed only in specialized medical institutions.

For mass measurement of the inlet temperature, a green certificate with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees is sufficient. This will allow you to identify suspicious people and perform a contact measurement with an electronic thermometer with high accuracy.

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