The girl spoke about life with abnormally long and thin legs

The girl spoke about life with abnormally long and thin legs
The girl spoke about life with abnormally long and thin legs

A native of Mongolia, living in the American city of Chicago, spoke about life with abnormally long and thin legs. Her words are quoted by the Daily Mail.

The length of the legs of the two-meter Rensenhorloo Bud (Rentsenkhorloo Bud) reaches 134.1 centimeters. The girl is proud of her natural qualities and emphasizes an unusual figure with revealing clothes, including short shorts. Her parents are also tall: her father is just over two meters, and her mother is 185 centimeters tall.

“I love wearing shorts and high-heeled shoes, which makes my legs seem even longer,” says the 29-year-old Mongolian. - I love my long legs. I think they decorate me. Despite the benefits of being tall, Bud noted some inconveniences. According to her, she does not go through standard doorways and bangs her head against the jambs. In addition, it is difficult for her to find clothes and shoes of the right size.

“Already in the first grade, I was as tall as a teacher - 168 centimeters,” she recalls. "I was a little girl and I wanted to wear cute things, but I couldn't find anything." Bud claims that at school no one mocked her abnormal growth, however, her personal attitude towards her appearance became positive only with age.

“When I was young, I suffered because of my height. But now I consider myself unique and I feel great,”she admits. - Over the past 15 years, I have learned to love my height, and now I am comfortable in my body. Being tall is so beautiful, you stand out in the crowd."

The owner of the longest legs in the world is considered to be 16-year-old American Maci Currin from Austin, Texas. The length of her legs is 134.6 centimeters. Before that, the record belonged to the professional Russian basketball player Yekaterina Lisina with legs 132.6 centimeters long and more than two meters tall.

In 2018, the tallest girl in the world named Zhang Tzuyu was found in China, her height was 208 centimeters. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the tallest girl is 12-year-old Sophie Hollins from the English city of Southampton. However, her height is only 188 centimeters. It is unknown if Zhang's family is going to register her as the new record holder.