Heavy rain triggered flash flooding in India

Heavy rain triggered flash flooding in India
Heavy rain triggered flash flooding in India

After heavy rains, all 12 districts of Saurashtra-Kuchin region suffered from floods.

A farmer was killed after being struck by lightning in Surendranagar, and a man carrying carcasses of domestic animals went missing after being washed away by floods in the city of Rajkot.

Extremely heavy rainfall in Hambhaliya led to the flooding of the low-lying areas of the city.

Vikram Rahevar, 33, a farmer from the village of Tidana Muli Taluka, Surendranagar District, was struck by lightning at 9.45 am while working in his agricultural field near the village of Umrada. "He died on the spot," said a police spokesman for the city of Muli.

Between 6 and 4 a.m. on Sunday, 22 mm of precipitation was recorded in Muli-taluk, and 49 mm and 46 mm of precipitation in the neighboring areas of the miracle and Saila-talukas in Surendranagar, respectively.

A man carrying the carcasses of a cow and a buffalo was swept into the Khohaddadi River when crossing a flooded dam across the river in the Velnatpara area of ​​the village of Kotaria in Rajkot city, where 29mm of rain was recorded.

"Three people - Bhavesh Rathod (30), Prakash Chavd (22) and Bhiho (28) - were washed away by the floods … While Rathod and Chavda were rescued, Bhiho is missing and the rescue operation continues," said an official at the center. flood management in Rajkot.

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