How eye color affects human health

How eye color affects human health
How eye color affects human health

Scientific studies show that there is some relationship between eye color and physical health.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that people with light eyes have a higher pain threshold than dark-eyed ones. This is especially true for blue-eyed women. Also, light-eyed people have a higher risk of melanoma, but they are less likely to develop vitiligo and cataracts. For those with dark eyes, the opposite is true. Therefore, it is especially important for them to wear good sunglasses in summer.

Eye color is also linked to alcohol susceptibility. People with brown and black eyes get drunk faster, but at the same time are resistant to addiction. But the owners of blue, blue, gray and green eyes can drink more alcoholic beverages, but they are more likely to suffer from alcoholism.

Interestingly, brown-eyed people react faster than blue-eyed people, so they are more likely to achieve high results in sports. But the owners of bright eyes are more cold-blooded and able to make objective decisions.

A sudden change in the usual shade of the eyes should alert you. This can be a symptom of both allergies and more serious diseases.

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