What should be a real "Exot" - distinctive characteristics of exotic shorthair cats

What should be a real "Exot" - distinctive characteristics of exotic shorthair cats
What should be a real "Exot" - distinctive characteristics of exotic shorthair cats

A rounded muzzle, a flattened nose and slightly offended eyes with "beads" - this is what an exotic cat bred by breeders from the USA looks like. In the second half of the 20th century, a shorthaired breed was introduced from a mixture of American, Russian blue and Burmese cats. The result was a teddy bear with very dense short hair and a height at the withers of up to 30 cm. When the gene for short, thick wool was established (late 80s of the last century), crossing of an American woman was allowed only with Persians, which influenced the variety of colors.

Signs of the Exot breed

Cats and cats of this breed live up to 15 years. Females weigh up to 4.5 kg, males - up to 7 kg. At the withers, adult animals reach 30 cm. The length of the body, including the tail, can be up to 75 cm.

  • All representatives of this breed are distinguished by a large, rounded head and a very short neck.
  • "Exots" are known by their flattened nose with a transverse indentation in the middle of the bridge of the nose.
  • Small and slightly forward-tilted ears complement the full-cheeked muzzle beautifully.
  • Round and widely spaced eyes stand out immediately.

Cats and cats are characterized by a very strong body, straight legs, short tail. Moreover, there must be 5 fingers on the front legs, and 4 on the hind legs.

Another important characteristic is the short coat with a very thick undercoat. The "fur coat" should be protruding, not smoothed. If the coat is long, then this feature is already characteristic of the breed of Persians-exotic.

A thoroughbred exotic must have muscular and thick legs. Even the slightest asymmetry of the cheeks, bite defect (determined by the protruding tongue) are excluded. Also, the cat should not have strabismus and a nose with narrow nostrils. In the latter case, the animal will constantly sniff loudly.

Characteristic color

Due to the fact that different breeds of cats were crossed, representatives of exotics have a very diverse color. Their fur coat can be:

  • monophonic;
  • smoky;
  • resemble a chinchilla;
  • under the turtle;
  • in the bicolor version;
  • color-point type.

Each color is characterized by a percentage of the color. The rarest color is considered to be a silver-black marble. Such exotics are more expensive than others.

All representatives of the breed are ideally adapted for living in an apartment. These are "sofa animals" that constantly need affection and the company of their owners. Cats and cats are quite obedient, lend themselves well to training, easily tolerate the road if they feel the owner next to them. You can rarely hear the meow of exotic, but the purr "turns on" at every opportunity. Such cats willingly play with children without releasing their claws. They don't mess up the apartment while everyone is at work. Are very photogenic and easily pose for the camera.

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