Doctors removed the woman's two extra breasts

Doctors removed the woman's two extra breasts
Doctors removed the woman's two extra breasts

A resident of the English city of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, survived an operation during which she removed two extra breasts. This is reported by The Mirror.

22-year-old Phoebe Ellis first discovered a tennis-ball-sized growth under her armpit when she was 12 years old. At the age of 15, a second outgrowth appeared in her right armpit. These formations hurt every time Ellis started her period.

The woman went to doctors several times, but she was not given any diagnosis and did not undergo ultrasound examinations to establish the cause of the outgrowths. She wanted to be removed, but such an operation was considered cosmetic and refused to do it for free.

Ellis was ashamed of her body. Every time she found an excuse not to go swimming, and never felt desirable. She had problems in relationships with men. She tried to hide her upper body and wore baggy T-shirts.

The parents decided to help their daughter and helped to save money for a paid operation. After Ellis received a letter on her 21st birthday with another refusal to carry out a free operation, she turned to a private doctor Aamer Khan.

Khan diagnosed Ellis with additional axillary breast tissue and performed surgery to remove it. This deviation occurs in 2-6 percent of women and is additional breast and axillary fat tissue that has its own duct system. These formations may even have nipples.

After removing the extra mammary glands, Phoebe has big scars, but she is happy that her life has finally changed for the better. Now the woman wants to help those who have similar education not to feel lonely.

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