The diver met the "Phantom Fish"

The diver met the "Phantom Fish"
The diver met the "Phantom Fish"

A diver, sailing off the coast of Malta, encountered a strange transparent creature that looked like a real "ghost fish".

This amazing fish was spotted by Raniero Borg when he was exploring the waters near the coastal city of Marsalforn.

"I was very curious, I had never seen anything like it in my 40 years of diving."

In the footage taken during the dive, you can see how he reaches out and carefully examines the mysterious creature, which he compared to "a miniature jelly-like whale or dolphin." After calculating that the curious specimen was about a foot long and eight inches wide, the diver noticed that an organ could be observed inside the strange clot.

A subsequent consultation with the International Oceanological Institute of Malta gave Borg an answer to the question of what he faced during his dive.

According to the organization, this creature was an organism known as salp. These gelatinous creatures are known in the world of marine biology for their unique ability to swim, passing water through their body.

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