Millions of trees die every year in cities

Millions of trees die every year in cities
Millions of trees die every year in cities

A study by the US government's Department of Forests found that in recent years, the country has lost about 36 million trees annually in urban and rural areas. The research results are posted on the website of the CNN news agency. According to officials, if the situation does not change, cities will soon become warmer, more polluted and, in general, more harmful to residents.

The researchers cited hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, insects and diseases, as well as an increase in the level of urbanization in the United States, as the cause of the death of trees.

The study lists the positive aspects of urban street greening. Among them: providing shade for buildings, roads, parks; air cooling by absorbing and evaporating moisture; reducing air pollution; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as the cost of operating air conditioners and many others are reduced.

The authors have determined that the tree cover must exceed 40% of the area to be cooled to obtain the full temperature effect. This means that the city block should be almost half closed from the scorching heat by tree crowns.

The only way to improve the ecological situation is the mass planting of new trees in settlements and providing the seedlings with the necessary care. Actually, these conclusions are true for every metropolis in any country.

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