In India, a girl was "petrified" due to a rare disease a

In India, a girl was "petrified" due to a rare disease a
In India, a girl was "petrified" due to a rare disease a

A little girl from the Indian region of Dantewada, Chhattisgarh state, “petrified” due to a rare disease that makes her skin look like a stone.

Seven-year-old Rajeshwari is sick with incurable epidermolytic ichthyosis. Her arms, legs and most of her back are covered with hard blisters that resemble scales. Because of them, it hurts the girl to walk and sit. Since there are no good hospitals in Dantevada, the child has to travel to the city for examinations.

Ichthyosis is not life-threatening, but patients have to endure its symptoms for life. Because of reduced sweating, people with this disease are more likely to get heatstroke, and cracks in their skin make them more vulnerable to infections. In addition, they often have impaired vision or hearing.

Usually, ichthyosis is inherited from one of the parents, but it can also be acquired against the background of other health problems. Patients with ichthyosis are forced to spend several hours a day on skin care.

Earlier it was reported that in the Indian state of Orissa, a ten-year-old boy was nicknamed a snake because of a rare disease - lamellar ichthyosis. The entire body of the child is covered with rough and cracked dry skin that resembles the scales of a snake.

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