Python ate a cat in front of a woman

Python ate a cat in front of a woman
Python ate a cat in front of a woman

An olive python ate the whole cat in front of a resident of the Australian city of Catherine, Northern Territory.

On Saturday, February 1, Beck White went outside to find a snake eating a cat. The woman turned to the snake catcher David Reid for help, who safely removed the reptile from her site and later released it. “It was a sad sight,” White recalls. "The worst thing is that our beloved pet could have been in the place of this cat."

Reed noted that in recent years, huge pythons have increasingly begun to visit residential areas and attack large animals. According to him, snakes crawl to houses in search of food, because they cannot find it in their natural habitat after devastating fires.

“Now are difficult times for the wild,” summed up the snake catcher.

The olive python is a rare species of non-venomous snake from the genus of aquatic pythons. Representatives of this species grow up to four meters in length and are olive to light brown in color.

In January, a python was reported to have eaten a domestic cat in the Australian Sunshine Coast, Queensland. A two-meter python with a swollen belly was found near one of the houses.

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