In the Urals, they are looking for a fallen meteorite

In the Urals, they are looking for a fallen meteorite
In the Urals, they are looking for a fallen meteorite

Astrophotographer Ilya Yankovsky noticed a bright flash. The employees of UrFU, who were looking for the Chelyabinsk meteorite, consider the new fireball "promising" and have already left for the supposed area of its fall, but a blizzard prevented the search.

UrFU employees will continue their search for the Tyumen bolide in the summer. This was announced to 66. RU by the head of the university's meteorite expeditions, Viktor Grokhovsky. The first expedition to the Tyumen region was sent on Saturday, but on Sunday the scientists returned with nothing - because of a blizzard, the search had to be interrupted.

- The car was seen in Tyumen, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk regions. Now we hope to receive data from stationary cameras. [But as long as the weather does not allow searching] - this is not the Chelyabinsk version, when there was no snow for ten days and it was possible to continue searching.

Grokhovsky called the crashed car "quite promising to become a meteorite." Scientists suggest that it did not burn up in the upper atmosphere, but fell to the ground.

The meteorite fell in the middle of last week. “We saw a flash in the Tyumen district, and about a minute after it there was an explosion, even the house jumped! [We heard] a very strong hum and felt a wave that shook the house. It felt like the explosion was very far away and very powerful,”said Marina Dolganova, who witnessed the incident.

The car fell on the night of January 30 at about 3:13 am in the Tyumen region. If you have videos showing a characteristic flash, contact the members of the UrFU meteorite expedition. The video will help them to more accurately determine the place of the fall.

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