The process of drug addiction treatment at the Phoenix clinic

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The process of drug addiction treatment at the Phoenix clinic
The process of drug addiction treatment at the Phoenix clinic

The drug addiction treatment center in Israel is showing impressive results. Thousands of people, having undergone drug addiction treatment in Israel, were able to destroy the strongest chemical addiction and return to normal life in society. Success center "Phoenix" acquired for a reason. Within its walls work real professionals in their field, whose qualifications are confirmed by diplomas and certificates of international standard.

Stages of eliminating addiction to drugs

drug addiction treatment for adolescents
drug addiction treatment for adolescents

Upon arrival at the airport, a meeting and transfer is organized for patients. After placement in comfortable conditions, drug addiction treatment is carried out in the following sequence:


The first step is to cleanse the body of toxic toxic substances, which are the decay products of narcotic drugs. For this, infusion therapy is used, which is selected individually after examinations, the study of test data and other diagnostic measures.

Elimination of withdrawal

Severe physical dependence with medication is relieved over the next two to five weeks.

Stabilization of the psycho-emotional state

After being within the walls of the center for several weeks or months, patients may experience mood swings, disturbing thoughts. At this stage, psychotherapists take an active role in stabilizing the mental state.

When the problem is resolved, a detailed action plan is developed to prevent relapse.

The key to recovery: 24/7 monitoring

Patients are under the watchful eye of the staff 24/7. This excludes the possibility of contact with old acquaintances and friends who shared a passion for drugs. Staying at the Phoenix Center has other benefits:

Communication with specialized specialists

In addition to narcologists, assistance is provided by social workers, instructors, psychologists. They are aware of the seriousness of the problem, and sincerely wish the guests a speedy recovery.

Consultations with narrowly specialized doctors

Hepatologists, infectious disease specialists and gastroenterologists will also share their expertise as needed.

Organized leisure

In their free time, there is an opportunity to go in for sports, walk, master new hobbies.

Benefits of therapy abroad

Addiction treatment abroad
Addiction treatment abroad

The Addiction Treatment Clinic guarantees 100% anonymity. Doctors use proven unique techniques and advanced therapies. Specialists help patients to recognize problems, work together with him to form a healthy mindset to facilitate further social adaptation.

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