Brisbane awaits the invasion of flying foxes and dogs

Brisbane awaits the invasion of flying foxes and dogs
Brisbane awaits the invasion of flying foxes and dogs

Residents of the Australian city of Brisbane have been warned of an impending invasion of flying foxes and dogs, according to the Courier Mail. According to zoologists, hundreds of thousands of bats, fleeing the heat, will choose city parks and courtyards.

The Queensland Department of Environment and Science has warned that swarms of flying foxes from the rainforest in the northwest of the continent, disturbed by the heat wave, will soon migrate south in search of coolness and food.

Last week, 250,000 animals flew to Deception Bay in search of flowering plants, which they feed on, and because of the heat, many flowers remain only in city parks, where plants are looked after and regularly watered.

Flying dogs also moved towards the city blocks. According to the department, a flock of 300,000 of these animals has already settled in the city of Ingham in the north of the state and, apparently, will soon move south. This moment is very much awaited by the residents of the city, who are not at all happy with such a neighborhood.

The number of bats in the city reached a critical point long ago. Flying dogs settled in the park near the city hospital, and now the hospital cannot accept air ambulance helicopters, and this is already a matter of life and death.

Australian law does not allow harm to these animals, so residents will have to wait for flocks of fruit bats to leave the city of their own free will. The Queensland Department of the Environment notes that these animals are very sensitive to heat and with the onset of high temperatures, which forecasters are expecting this coming weekend, they will continue to migrate south.

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