Human-sized bone unearthed in the United States

Human-sized bone unearthed in the United States
Human-sized bone unearthed in the United States

In the United States, "fossil hunters" have discovered in Utah a giant bone of a brachiosaurus - one of the largest and tallest dinosaurs that ever roamed the Earth.

ABC tells about the opening. It is reported that the length of the found bone is about two meters. It turned out to be so large and heavy that it was necessary to pull it out of the ground with the help of a horse.

It was established that the bone belonged to an ancient giant - Brachiosaurus. These creatures were among the largest surface animals in history. Their mass reached 30 tons.

By the way, the discovered bone is generally one of the largest ever found on our planet. She turned out to be longer than any member of the research team.

Experts believe that this bone was part of the forelimb of a brachiosaurus. It was a herbivore with a very long neck that lived on our planet about 150 million years ago. Scientists can only guess what it looked like. Probably, the new find will help in solving this historical puzzle.

"It was a really interesting discovery for me," says paleontologist John Foster of the Utah Natural Park Museum, which will soon be exhibiting a fossil. of us thought that we would never see this in nature. It was great to be so suddenly able to dig a bone out of the ground."

The fossil was found at a site called the Morrison Formation, which is famous for the abundance of ancient animal remains. Several fragments of ribs were found near her, as well as fossil plants.

By the way, earlier only ten incomplete skeletons of brachiosaurs were discovered. Thus, the one found is the eleventh one. Its age remains to be determined, however, according to preliminary data, it may turn out to be the oldest known Brachiosaurus.

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