Breast cancer: time is the main resource

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Breast cancer: time is the main resource
Breast cancer: time is the main resource

Different types of tumors develop in the mammary gland. Most often they are benign in nature, are characterized by slow growth and do not spread to nearby organs and tissues.

Breast cancer (RG) is the result of gene mutations, as a result of which uncontrolled multiplication of cells begins, they go beyond the boundaries of the organ and go to healthy cells in the lymph nodes. Breast cancer treatment involves solving two problems: oncological and aesthetic. For a woman, they are both important.

Risk factors

They are divided into 2 groups:


  • menstrual cycle with onset before 12 years of age;
  • age over 40;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • benign tumors.

Those that can be influenced in the direction of reduction and reduction:

  • work at night;
  • hypodynamia;
  • bad habits;
  • long-term treatment with steroid hormones or taking contraceptives based on them;
  • excess weight;
  • abortion, lack of breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Diagnosis of RG

Breast cancer is determined by lumps in the mammary gland, changes in its appearance, shape, size, peeling and redness of the skin, inverted nipple. It is difficult to make a diagnosis based only on these signs, but the simultaneous manifestation of several of them is already a reason for an immediate visit to a doctor.

Cancer alertness may arise after the results of breast examination by palpation, PET-CT, ultrasound, computed tomography, etc. To confirm or deny the initial diagnosis, a tissue sample is taken and examined under a microscope. The most commonly used method is thick-needle biopsy and histological examination of biomaterial. When confirming the diagnosis, the molecular characteristics of the tumor or its immunohistochemistry are studied.

Breast cancer treatment

The method of treating RH depends on a number of factors, among the main ones:

  • stage of the tumor process;
  • the age of the patient;
  • growth rates and structure of the neoplasm.

The most effective is an integrated approach in the form of an optimal combination of various methods. There are 3 main ones: surgical, radio- and chemotherapy. Doctors try to find and offer an option that is individual for each specific case. A woman diagnosed with RH needs to understand that time is her main resource. Self-medication can deprive her of this opportunity and greatly harm, as well as the desire to hide from the problem. Breast cancer is treated and this is the main thing. Therefore, the best solution is its early detection and adequate treatment.

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