Nebulizer is the best inhalation device

Nebulizer is the best inhalation device
Nebulizer is the best inhalation device

For chronic and acute inflammation of the respiratory tract, as well as diseases of an allergic nature, inhalation procedures are indicated for children and adults.

Unlike adults, small children are restless, peace of mind in one place is not about them, but in addition to not the most delicious medicine and noisy apparatus, the treatment process turns into torture for both children and parents.

What is a nebulizer?

This is a type of inhaler that sprays the medicine into small particles and delivers them to the most difficult-to-reach respiratory organs. The nebulizer is used in the treatment of ARVI, bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, respiratory tract fungus, tonsillitis, allergies and a number of other diseases.

You can buy a nebulizer in Almaty on the website. Delivery to any point in Kazakhstan is provided, self-pickup is possible across Almaty.

The nebulizer is very effective in helping all respiratory organs, providing a visible therapy effect. For inhalation, drugs are used from a pharmacy, or prepared at home. All medicines suitable for the nebulizer are hypoallergenic and suitable for babies of all ages.

Types of nebulizers

Nebulizers are categorically not recommended to be purchased on the advice of a neighbor or grandmother on the bus, they are selected individually for each patient based on the conclusion about his illness. There are only 3 types of such devices, each of them has different principles of operation and characteristics:

Ultrasonic nebulizer

The principle of operation is simple - the solution for inhalation is affected by a stream of ultrasound with a high frequency. For 1 session, the entire respiratory system is processed and such devices can be used both in a standing position and in a lying position. They do not create noise, are effective for children and adults.

You should be careful, such nebulizers destroy hormonal drugs, antibiotics and cough suppressants.

Electronic mesh nebulizer

It is rightfully considered the best type of inhalation device. The principle of operation is that the medicinal solution passes through a membrane with micro-holes, creating an aerosol cloud. Convenient for babies, as inhalation can be carried out in any position of the child.

On the specialized website you can find one of the best inhalers of this type - a nebulizer TOMCHI, which is a new generation inhaler. The size of this device is small, quiet, so that it will be convenient for any child to play or watch cartoons while inhaling.

Compressor nebulizer

The principle of operation - a powerful air flow creates a cloud of aerosol. All medicines are suitable for this type of inhaler, but it is more often used for asthma, bronchitis and ARVI. You can breathe through such an inhaler only in an upright position.

Doctors allow the use of nebulizers for children from the first days of life. Nice design will delight any baby - animals, cars, little people.

A special application has been developed to control the operation of the device, control is carried out using a Bluetooth adapter. The choice of an inhaler must be treated responsibly, with the help of doctors.


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