The Pentagon officially unveils a video with a UFO

The Pentagon officially unveils a video with a UFO
The Pentagon officially unveils a video with a UFO

The Pentagon has released three videos of the US Navy, taken in 2004 and 2015, in which military aircraft of the Navy recorded the appearance of UFOs near the aircraft carrier group.

It is worth noting that these videos were unofficially "leaked" to the network back in 2007 and 2017, and at first the US Navy denied the authenticity of these frames, and then admitted the fact that the aircraft carrier group had met with several UFOs that flew over it and the fact that the fighters were raised to intercept. but the Pentagon has officially confirmed the authenticity of the video only now.

“The Pentagon publishes these videos to dispel any misjudgment by the public as to whether the leaked footage was real. The aerial phenomena that can be observed on the video are still characterized as unidentified,”the Pentagon stressed.

The official publication of these videos was made possible by the law "On freedom of information (FOIA)", on the basis of which the public demanded to disclose information about the contact of the military with UFOs.

Although, in fact, the Pentagon has not published anything new. Unidentified persons involved in the incident, these videos have long been shown to the public, but there were more recordings, including data from fighters and air defense tracking systems of the aircraft carrier.

All these records and data were confiscated by a group of "unknown persons" who had flown in, who, having arrived in a US Air Force helicopter, went directly to the aircraft carrier commander, and after that, he gave the command to give these persons all records and data from all media.

All these storage devices, unknown persons packed in a bag, the remaining data was ordered to be erased. Which was done. After that, the "men in black" flew away, and the team and the pilots were ordered to "forget" about what had happened.

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