"Black man with a hat": who is he?

"Black man with a hat": who is he?
"Black man with a hat": who is he?

People before going to bed or suddenly waking up see an alien creature of a humanoid type similar to a person in a cloak and black hat. most often, its appearance causes unreasonable fear or subsequent blackouts.

A black man is a tall humanoid creature, very often seen as a dark figure, who dresses in a black cloak-like cape and wears an old-fashioned felt hat.

Everyone who met him says about the same thing that they saw this man penetrating their houses, bedrooms, their beds, their cars, their lives and even into their souls! Moreover, he penetrates through walls and other material obstacles, as if they did not exist for him.

It all starts with the feeling that you are not alone, just look at the foot of your bed and see that you were right. There's a stranger in your room and you know you see him, worst of all, you know he sees you too! You try to scream or run away, only to find yourself paralyzed! The horror then reaches new levels when it approaches you, leans a few centimeters from your face and then fear rolls over you and what happened after waking up you do not remember.

The black man appears to be two-dimensional, showing no features, only a deep, black silhouette. The face is not distinguishable, it seems to flow and shimmer with blackness. He never speaks in the usual sense of the word.

Often encountered by UFO researchers, the paranormal and people involved in magic, astrology and other occult sciences.

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