Flocks of "glowing" dolphins spotted in California

Flocks of "glowing" dolphins spotted in California
Flocks of "glowing" dolphins spotted in California

Off the coast of the American city of Newport Beach, California, schools of dolphins were seen at night, emitting a blue and green glow under the water. Glittering silhouettes of sea animals appeared in the dark water, then disappearing, then reappearing in unexpected places. Cinematographer Patrick Coyne shared a unique video on his Facebook page.

This amazing sight is due to bioluminescence, when a chemical reaction of living organisms produces the effect of glowing in the dark.

According to AccuWeather, this phenomenon is rarely seen in terrestrial creatures, but there are many more bioluminescent organisms in the depths of the ocean.

Most luminous marine animals emit blue or green light, which is easiest to distinguish in the dark of the ocean at great depths. Many underwater inhabitants do not perceive yellow, red and purple colors.

Dolphins' glow is facilitated by bioluminescent algae, which glow in response to environmental changes, indicating a decrease in salt content in the water.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that 80% of all species found in the ocean between 200 and 1000 meters are bioluminescent.

Glowing algae on the surface of the water sometimes cover large areas. The so-called "milk seas" appear, which can be seen from satellites in space.

The phenomenon of bioluminescence has already happened in the Newport Beach area. As previously reported, "neon" waves have appeared on the coast of Southern California.

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