Surgical breast reduction - all details of the operation

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Surgical breast reduction - all details of the operation
Surgical breast reduction - all details of the operation

Most girls are not happy with the size of their bust and dream of enlarging it at least a little. But there are also girls who are not satisfied with too large natural breasts, as it brings some discomfort to the hostess. There are not many such cases, but still the girls decide to turn to the surgeon for help with reduction mammoplasty, that is, with surgical breast reduction. What should be taken into account and what are the pitfalls?

Reduction mammoplasty rules

A lush bust is considered a sign of femininity and attractiveness. But what if big breasts are not pleasing, but on the contrary, is the cause of many health and self-esteem problems? As you know, the golden mean is important everywhere. According to the opinion poll, most men prefer second-size breasts, and for many, the size of the bust is not at all important. The results of another study showed that adolescents are most often interested in a big bust during puberty, but mature men prefer the same "golden mean".

While men only think about the aesthetic side, women decide on breast reduction not because of the appearance. The fact is that the owners of a large bust face a number of problems every day. First of all, these are back pain due to the heaviness of the chest, as well as skin irritation as a result of rubbing the straps from the bra. Large breasts can also lead to breathing problems. If a girl is petite, but her breasts are impressive in size, she hardly manages to pick up her underwear and clothes, and sometimes she just has to sew to order. If viewed from the point of view of psychology, some girls experience discomfort with obsessive signs of attention from the opposite sex, respectively, their breasts are a source of psychological stress and provoke the formation of certain complexes. Another important aspect is the power of attraction. Sometimes large breasts at 30 years old do not look the best way, as if a girl breastfed more than one child.

As you know, breastfeeding changes the shape of the breast dramatically. After the end of feeding, young mothers turn to the surgeon for help with breast reduction and the acquisition of a beautiful bust shape.

Indications for breast reduction

Of course, breast reduction surgery is done of your own free will. The doctor may recommend its implementation in some cases. These include:

  1. posture problems or curvature of the spine;
  2. back and neck pain;
  3. lack of symmetry;
  4. irritation of the skin under the breasts or discomfort due to the straps of the underwear;
  5. psychological problems due to huge breasts.


Reduction mammoplasty is a very serious operation with an impressive list of contraindications. Here is some of them:

  • conception planning, pregnancy and lactation period (after the cessation of lactation, 10 months should pass and only then the doctor can perform the operation);
  • diabetes;
  • age under 21;
  • oncological or benign formations;
  • pathology of the liver, cardiovascular system, endocrine diseases;
  • stage of exacerbation and remission of any infectious diseases;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • problems with the reproductive system;
  • mastopathy;
  • pathologies of dermatological origin, localized in the area of the proposed operation.

Assumed risks

If you have already decided on an operation, it is worth considering all the possible risks. Most often, patients are satisfied with the operation and find a new life, however, there are cases of postoperative complications due to non-compliance with recommendations or due to the characteristics of the body. It may also be due to a surgeon's mistake, so it is worth choosing a doctor carefully. So what are the risks?

  1. Partial or complete loss of sensation due to damage to nerve endings. Most often, after a few months, sensitivity is restored.
  2. Breast asymmetry as a result of significant postoperative edema. A second operation is performed to correct the error.
  3. The appearance of scars as a result of the removal of a large volume of skin. A beautician can help with this issue and reduce scars.
  4. With the existing hormonal imbalance, the breasts can regain the same volume.
  5. The appearance of puffiness, hematomas, the possibility of suppuration, infection. Also, the seams may come apart.
  6. The most serious consequence is considered to be the inability to breastfeed in the future. But even here the technologies do not stand still. Some technologies allow you to preserve the possibility of breastfeeding later. If the patient has lactation plans, it is worth discussing this issue with the surgeon. There are chances to find a compromise.

These risks do not guarantee that this will happen to you. When choosing a professional in his field, you can reduce the likelihood of complications. It is also important to strictly follow all the doctor's recommendations in order to minimize any risks.


Any surgical intervention involves a step-by-step preparation. The first step after the consultation is the delivery of tests. The list of necessary tests is prescribed by the doctor. As a rule, it is extensive, due to the severity of the operation: urine analysis, biochemical and general blood tests are taken, the Rh factor and blood group are determined, HIV analysis, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, coagulogram, electrocardiogram, fluorography, chest x-ray is done, Breast ultrasound. With the test results, the woman goes to narrow specialists for a consultation. It is necessary to contact a mammologist, therapist, gynecologist. In some cases, the opinion of other specialists is also necessary. This helps the surgeon to have more accurate data on the patient's health.

During the preoperative consultation, the patient has the opportunity to ask all the questions of interest, as well as discuss the expected result with the doctor. Today, in many clinics, computer 3D modeling is carried out, which makes it possible to present the final result.

If the patient has serious weight loss plans, it is worth thinking about this before the operation, since significant weight loss can affect the final result. Before each operation, doctors recommend limiting the use of unhealthy foods a month before the operation. It is necessary to follow the correct diet, rich in amino acids, essential minerals and vitamins, exclude alcohol and drugs that thin the blood. A strict diet is not encouraged, because it can lead to a weakening of the body's defenses and resources for its recovery.

Smoking is a serious hazard. 6 months before the operation, it is necessary to quit smoking, or limit the frequency of smoking, and also refuse to take contraceptives containing hormones. This can affect the formation of blood clots.

Operation techniques

How can reduction mammoplasty be performed? The whole essence of the operation is to get rid of excess fatty and glandular tissues, then a new breast shape is formed and the areola moves along with the nipple. During surgery, the breasts are reduced and tightened, and if necessary, it is possible to change the size of the areola.

Several breast reduction techniques are known today. In the case where small breasts are reduced, an incision is made around the areola of the nipple and from the nipple to the fold under the breast (vertical). This procedure is in demand due to the low degree of trauma, but only medium-sized breasts are suitable and has the ability to remove about 500 cm3 fabrics.

When it is necessary to remove an impressive amount of tissue, an incision is made in the form of an anchor: around the areola, goes down to the fold and ends under the breast. This operation is more traumatic, but still allows you to achieve an excellent result when reducing a large bust size.


A “before” photograph of the breast is taken without fail, in order to compare it with “after” later. The next step is drawing in the chest area, then the skin is processed in parallel with an aseptic solution and the patient is immersed in anesthesia. This operation lasts about 1, 5-3 hours under general anesthesia. During the surgical intervention, the doctor manages to make the necessary incisions, remove excess fatty and glandular tissue, get rid of excess skin, displace the nipples and areoles, tighten the tissues in order to achieve breast elasticity, apply sutures, start installing temporary drainage to drain fluid and apply a compression bandage …

Rehabilitation period

The first and second days after the operation must be spent in a hospital in order to be under the supervision of a doctor. This is followed by the extraction of the drainage, dressing, and under the conditions that everything is in order, the patient is discharged. Postoperative recovery implies adherence to certain recommendations. For example, for about a month you have to wear compression underwear both day and night, then for several months - only during the day.

For the first 3-4 months, any physical activity is prohibited: weight lifting, sports and even ordinary household chores. It is necessary to stay in bed for at least several weeks. Water treatments and even a shower are also contraindicated. During this period of time, all patients are treated with wet antibacterial wipes. The sutures are removed after 10-14 days during a follow-up visit to the surgeon. Often, the appearance of the postoperative sutures scares the patients, but there is no reason for sadness, they will soon heal completely, and there will be no traces left. There is a chance that postoperative scars will remain visible, but they can be removed with a laser, but not earlier than after a year. The tissues need time to recover.

When the stitches are removed, it is necessary to avoid protecting from overheating for a month. Visiting the solarium, swimming pool, sauna, going to the beach is excluded.

At first, within a week, the patients complain of swelling and bruising in the area where the operation was performed. As a rule, these phenomena go away on their own, but it is still recommended to sleep on your back. To relieve puffiness, you can put a small roller under your back. You can return to your usual life in about a month, and after three months the first results are visible.

The result of the operation

As a rule, the entire rehabilitation after surgery takes 6 to 8 months. Only after this time can we evaluate the success of everything that happened. The result depends on many factors, including age. The younger the patient, the easier her body is to recover and the better the effect of the operation is visible. The reason is the elasticity of the skin, which decreases over time. Also, young skin regenerates better, keeps its shape and heals. Another reason is the volume of the operated area. The larger it is, the longer it takes for the body to recover.

As practice shows, the result is worth enduring. Mammoplasty in this case can help solve a number of problems, as well as improve the shape of the breast; overcome gravity by lifting your chest; get rid of constant back pain; resize areolas; improve breathing and posture. After the operation, patients literally begin a new life, because they previously could not afford to sleep on their backs or in any comfortable position, wear dresses with a deep neckline, since their breasts were either asymmetric or saggy, and they also dreamed of breathing deeply. After reduction mammoplasty, these dreams come true, and accordingly, self-esteem and well-being increase.

The result lasts longer, provided that the woman leads the right lifestyle. If she dramatically loses weight, or is breastfeeding, or is carrying a baby, her breasts may lose their shape and will have to re-operate. That is why, when planning a pregnancy, it is worth considering this fact, or even postponing this operation.

What is the price for breast reduction?

In Moscow clinics, the cost of the operation is from 160 thousand to 300 thousand rubles. This amount includes the operation itself, the cost of anesthesia, compression underwear, as well as the price per day in the clinic, carried out under the supervision of specialists. The cost of tests and the initial consultation with a doctor are paid separately, this is usually about 5,000-10,000 rubles.

The final amount is influenced by the amount of work done and the type of operation, so the exact amount is calculated on an individual basis.

Having decided on an operation, you should not waste time, since the existing problem needs to be eradicated. In adulthood, large breasts bring even more discomfort than in youth. It lowers self-esteem and brings a lot of inconvenience. Since there is no alternative to this operation, surgery will help you find the body and chest of your dreams.

What should be guided by when choosing a doctor and clinic?

Oleg Vyacheslavovich Vedrov:

“To decide which mammoplasty method is right for you, you need to consult a surgeon. Low trauma and minimum incisions are what every surgeon who performs mammoplasty strives for. Therefore, it is better to argue which operation you need after a face-to-face conversation. "

Oleg Vyacheslavovich is a surgeon operating at the Moscow Center of Plastic Surgery "Etalon", which is located at the address: Moscow, M. Shchukinskaya, st. Rogova, 22, bldg. 3. Registration for a consultation is carried out by phone +7 (905) 727-51-15, or via the website @, as well as by e-mail [email protected]

Patients who suffer from the impressive size of the bust, as well as mothers whose breasts have suffered after breastfeeding, often turn to Dr. Vedrov. Also, a pronounced asymmetry of the breast serves as a reason for treatment. In all individual cases, Oleg Vyacheslavovich consults and gives recommendations, familiarizing the patient with all the subtleties and possible contraindications.

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