Snow fell in Blagoveshchensk in 1 day more than in the whole winter

Snow fell in Blagoveshchensk in 1 day more than in the whole winter
Snow fell in Blagoveshchensk in 1 day more than in the whole winter

On April 20, 24 mm of snow fell in Blagoveshchensk. And for all five winter months - from November to March - in total, just a little more than 14 mm. Only in Ekimchan today there was more precipitation - 30 mm, in the south of the region in most areas - from 10 to 20 mm.

The last time such a powerful April snowfall fell in our region was 25 years ago: on April 6, 1995, over 20 mm of precipitation in the form of snow fell in one night (in Blagoveshchensk - 28 mm), which is considered a dangerous meteorological phenomenon. This time the snowfall is longer, but the total amount of precipitation that it will bring (snow on the territory of the region will remain in the coming days) will probably exceed the achievement of 25 years ago.

In addition, today's snow falls much later than in 1995, compare: 6 and 20. The record of precipitation of the day on April 20 did not work: in 2005, 40 mm fell on this number, but in the form of rain. It is difficult for snows to compete with rain in the amount of moisture.

But it is obvious that today we have witnessed a unique weather phenomenon - an extremely late, abundant, prolonged snowfall! - writes the Amur Hydrometeorological Center.

According to the information of the Amur Center of the Hydrometeorological Service, on April 22, on the territory of the Amur Region, an increase in the north-west wind with gusts of up to 15-20 m / s is expected, in Blagoveshchensk - 15-18 m / s. At night and in the morning hours on the roads, ice, snow roll.

Heads of municipalities, ministries and departments, as well as life support facilities and the economy were informed about the worsening weather conditions. They were advised to take appropriate preventive measures and keep the development of the situation in their jurisdictions under control.

In case of worsening weather conditions, emergency situations are possible at the objects of the fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services, other disruptions in the operation of life support systems.

Extreme attention must be paid to road services and car owners. When the road surface is wet and icy, the risk of road accidents increases. The Main Department of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Amur Region urges drivers to be careful and follow the rules of safe behavior on the roads. When driving, avoid harshness when braking or maneuvering.

Pedestrians should stay away from billboards, trees and metal structures when the wind increases. Observe the traffic rules when crossing the road. Do not leave children unattended.

When driving along the sidewalk along buildings, be aware of the likelihood of snow and icicles falling from roofs. In order to avoid accidents, it is necessary to exercise maximum attention and caution, visually make sure that your path is safe. Pay attention to fenced-off areas and never enter danger areas. Even in the event that there is no fence, you should be careful and, if possible, do not come close to the walls of buildings.

In case of emergency, call:

- "101" - for dialing from all mobile operators;

- "01" - from stationary telephones;

- "112" - a single telephone for calling emergency services.

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