Kyzyl May - a unique herbal remedy for good health

Kyzyl May - a unique herbal remedy for good health
Kyzyl May - a unique herbal remedy for good health

Kyzyl May is a special polyphyte oil that has medicinal properties. It has a completely vegetable origin and natural composition, which can be found in more detail on the website This natural extract is made according to a unique recipe of Altai Old Believers. For this, a special technology and several types of medicinal herbs are used.

The first industrial production of polyphyt oil began in 1992. During the processing of raw materials, a special temperature regime is used. The use of preservatives or hazardous colorants is strictly prohibited, which allows to achieve the safety of polyphyt oil.

Features of the composition

The recipe is based on plants that grow in ecologically clean areas. They are collected only during the period of the greatest accumulation of pharmacologically useful substances, which makes it possible to obtain an excellent drug from them.

For the manufacture of Kyzyl May, it is used:

• nettle leaves;

• St. John's wort;

• rose hip;

• lemon balm;

• sea buckthorn oil;

• licorice roots;

• thyme;

• sunflower oil.

It is these herbs that contain a large amount of vitamins and nutrients that a person needs to fight various diseases. They also boost immunity and vitality. From the very first days of its application, the state of health will significantly improve.

When can you take Kyzyl May

This remedy is used for various diseases, including tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, rhinitis. Perfectly helps with diseases of the digestive system. The oil makes it easy to fight various types of burns, skin diseases, any wounds that do not heal for a long time. This is just a small list of diseases where Kyzyl May becomes irreplaceable. It can be used during gynecological diseases and tumors. Often the drug is used for cosmetic purposes. It is allowed to be used as a vitamin remedy for general strengthening of the body.

The main advantages of Kyzyl May

The main advantage of polyphyt oil is its safety for health, the absence of contraindications for use. With its help, you can not only cope with various diseases, but also strengthen the immune system. This product has passed all tests, clinical trials, which confirms its high quality. The oil has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, regenerating properties. To achieve the desired effect, you must adhere to the recommendations for use. It is not recommended to increase the indicated dosage.

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