Coronavirus statistics - fresh data

Coronavirus statistics - fresh data
Coronavirus statistics - fresh data

The statistics on the spread of coronavirus in the world and in Russia are not encouraging at the moment. COVID-19 is rapidly gaining momentum and is spreading to more and more countries. Thousands of people have already died from the new virus, many of the patients have recovered and got sick again. At risk were the elderly, people with chronic diseases, diabetes, heart disease and cancer patients.

Stay up to date with detailed statistics on coronavirus in Russia and in the world, follow the news and up-to-date information.

The virus has already spread all over the world, there are infected in almost every country. States are closing borders and interrupting air and rail links with other countries, as well as taking all necessary measures to stop the further spread of the disease. Unfortunately, the strengthened policy to combat the virus is currently not helping to reduce the number of infected.

Every day, not only the number of deaths from the new virus is increasing, but also the number of patients who are potentially at risk and are admitted to hospitals in serious condition.

To avoid contracting coronavirus, simple preventive measures can be taken, which include frequent hand washing with soap, wearing a medical mask in public places, disinfecting surfaces, door handles and handrails, keeping distance and self-isolation at home, and avoiding personal contact with people who have symptoms. colds. At the first symptoms of a cold, see a doctor immediately! Remember that coronavirus can be easily confused with ordinary SARS, with both respiratory diseases, the temperature rises, weakness and headache are observed. It is worth remembering that COVID-19, unlike ordinary SARS, is accompanied by dry cough, chills, fever, body and muscle aches. While with a common ARVI, the cough is wet, a runny nose appears. Do not rely on your own knowledge and if you have symptoms of a cold, you should see a doctor.

The largest number of infected today is observed in Italy, Germany, USA, China, Spain. In Russia, the number of infected is growing daily, but at the moment it has not yet overcome the critical point. Doctors of all countries are taking all possible measures to combat the virus; at the moment, an intensive development of a vaccine is underway.

Take care of yourself, stay calm and stay home!

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