AI has done better port control than humans

AI has done better port control than humans
AI has done better port control than humans

In a test conducted between December 2019 and March 202, computer and electronics manufacturer Fujitsu and the Japanese Coast Guard were able to prove the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in preventing ship collisions.

The technology, using the Fujitisu Zinrai AI system, detected vessel navigation errors as well as predicted emergencies in the Tokyo Bay area.

According to Fujitsu, the AI technology has allowed port operators to respond to dangerous situations two minutes faster. Moreover, the system improves navigation safety even with an inexperienced operator. The AI system was also twice as likely to spot mistakes made by ship captains and give them the correct heading instructions.

According to statistics, more than 280 ship collisions occur every year in Tokyo Bay, each of which affects delivery times, crew safety and, of course, the environment.

"Tests have shown that Fujitsu's collision risk prediction technology is effective in helping operators," the Japan Coast Guard's Maritime Department said in a statement.

It is currently planned to continue the development and implementation of AI technology in the Tokyo port system.

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