Treating prostatitis with exercise

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Treating prostatitis with exercise
Treating prostatitis with exercise

Prostate adenoma, prostatitis and varicocele are what men do not want to face in their lives. But in reality, such ailments are much more common than we would like. And the fight against them must be started immediately, otherwise serious problems with the general health and well-being of a man appear in the future. And the most unpleasant thing is that prostatitis and prostate adenoma significantly worsen intimate life or even make you forget about it.

The good news is that you can overcome these diseases with some physical exercise that you can do at home without using expensive ancillary drugs and devices.

What is the difference between prostatitis and prostate adenoma?

In fact, these two ailments are interconnected with themselves and one always follows from the other. At first, the disease develops in the form of inflammation of the prostate gland. This organ begins to swell and weaken its main functions. Difficulty urinating, which is also accompanied by painful sensations. And if a man does not respond to all these symptoms in time, then the disease begins to progress and acquire a neglected form. Then erection problems begin, prostate adenoma occurs, which in itself is a benign tumor. And, of course, such a situation cannot be ignored. Therefore, treatment should be started immediately. In this case, help to your own body can be of the following types:

  • surgery for prostate adenoma
  • taking medications and potent drugs;
  • physiotherapy;
  • special remedial gymnastics.

It is about the last method of treatment that I want to talk in more detail.

The benefits of physiotherapy exercises

In fact, some exercise can be very effective and effective in combating prostatitis and BPH. They increase blood circulation in the small pelvis, improve the functioning of the prostate gland and enrich its tissues with additional oxygen. And such training will help get rid of stagnation in the organs of the lower body, which provoke inflammatory processes in the prostate gland. During classes, not only a certain muscle group is worked out, but the whole body as a whole is strengthened. Performing them regularly will reduce painful sensations, which is also important.

Preliminary preparation

Before you start training yourself to help defeat prostatitis, you must first get the approval of your doctor. It should be understood that physiotherapy exercises are only part of general therapy, so it should be combined with other methods of treatment. It is necessary to select the types of exercises used in the future very carefully, because it is important to exclude exacerbations of the disease. If a man is in doubt, then you can start with a regular walk in the fresh air or swimming, but also in moderate doses.

When a patient is faced with an exacerbation of his chronic prostatitis, then during this period all the loads will have to be forgotten. No activity that would provoke a worsening of the condition. You can try relaxing massage treatments.

In addition to choosing the right set of exercises, you need to worry about the form for training. It should be comfortable. It is also worth thinking about organizing the place where physiotherapy exercises will take place. Therefore, it is better to free the selected zone in advance. The loads should be increased gradually, from light to medium, and only then to difficult. If during the lesson something does not work out or the man experiences unpleasant sensations, then it is not necessary to force his body and it is recommended to just stop performing such an exercise.


The most effective workouts

The most effective exercises are those that are aimed at eliminating congestion in the pelvic organs:

  • the first is performed while standing, with a straight back and arms extended along the body. You need to take a very deep breath and inflate your belly as much as possible. Wait a few seconds and, with an exhalation, draw in your stomach back.
  • Ordinary high jumps can also be beneficial. During their implementation, you need to try to pull your legs towards you. You should jump until the body feels tired.
  • Many women are familiar with walking on the buttocks, but such an activity will also be very useful for men. To do this, you need to sit on the floor, stretch your legs in front of you, straighten your back and try to move only with the help of the gluteal muscles. You cannot help yourself with your hands and feet. During the exercise, each buttock alternately comes off the surface, and you need to walk this way both forward and backward.
  • Rotating the pelvis helps to disperse the blood and increase its flow in the desired organs. Rotations are performed smoothly in one direction and the other 50 times.
  • Tilting the body in different directions, as well as forward and backward, can also be effective in prostate adenoma. Only you need to do them at least a hundred times.

During these exercises, you need to monitor the correctness of your breathing. They inhale air only through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

Assisted Exercises

In addition to basic physiotherapy exercises, you can try to train the anus muscles themselves, which are most often quite weakened. The advantage of this workout is that it can be done anywhere. To do this, the muscles of the anus need to be tense and relaxed. At first, this is done up to thirty times a day, and then the number of repetitions increases. This will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

The process of artificial urinary retention is also useful. Thanks to this exercise, blood circulation in the prostate is increased. A contrast shower, which is directed to the perineal area, can be useful and pain relieving.

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