A man lived for 26 years with a ten-centimeter knife in his head

A man lived for 26 years with a ten-centimeter knife in his head
A man lived for 26 years with a ten-centimeter knife in his head

In China, doctors operated on a 26-year-old man with a knife in his head. The newspaper The Daily Star reports.

The 76-year-old farmer said that the criminals stabbed him with a ten-centimeter knife during a robbery. The blade was too close to vital organs for only a very skilled surgeon to remove. In the hometown of the Chinese, none of the doctors undertook a complex operation. As a result, a 26-year-old man lived with a knife in his head, escaping only with painkillers.

In 2012, two visiting surgeons became interested in a difficult medical case. Examination revealed a loss of vision in the right eye and almost complete paralysis of the limbs on the left side. Doctors took the farmer to a large hospital in Shandong province.

The operation, which was performed in two stages, was developed by otorhinolaryngologist Wang Ziron and deputy head of the hospital Wang Baodong. A whole team of specialists worked on the patient's treatment, including the ophthalmologist Dan Guangfu.

On April 2, during a two-hour operation, surgeons safely removed the blade from the patient's head. Six days later, he was again put under surgery to cleanse the wound from contamination. At the moment, the patient is recovering under the supervision of doctors and can already walk on his own. According to doctors, his headaches went away, and vision in his right eye returned.

“Before, I couldn't laugh, yawn or cough. The doctors gave me a new life. Now my nightmare, which has lasted for over 20 years, is finally over,”said the farmer.

Earlier it was reported that in the Chinese province of Henan, an eight-year-old boy lived for about six years with fragments of a sewing needle in his neck. During the seven-hour operation, the surgeons managed to safely remove the foreign object from the patient's neck.

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