What is the difference between "solar" and "lunar" energy vampires and how to resist them?

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What is the difference between "solar" and "lunar" energy vampires and how to resist them?
What is the difference between "solar" and "lunar" energy vampires and how to resist them?

An energy vampire is a difficult, unpleasant person who is fueled by someone else's energy, terrorizing, emotionally draining and unbalancing. You can defeat such people, the main thing is to determine the type of energy vampirism.

A person lives with emotions. Everything we do is ultimately done for the sake of receiving emotions, because they give us the energy to live. Positive ones give us the energy of high frequencies, which positively affects mood, health, promotes creativity, creativity, happiness and love. Negatives drive you into apathy, deprive you of strength and desires. We seem to be emptying ourselves, losing strength after unpleasant events, scandals and quarrels.

But there are people - energy vampires - who are saturated with negative emotions. Through these emotions, they "pump out" from another person the inner strength, faith in themselves, a taste for life. We can say that they live at someone else's expense. Energy vampires are different. Most often, they lead a person to negative emotions, say nasty things, deliberately create unpleasant situations. But sometimes they act much more cunningly.

"Solar" and "lunar" energy vampires

Sunny is an aggressive vampire who deliberately provokes scandals, showdowns, and a showdown. He is a provocateur, instigator, instigator. In public places, this is manifested by attacks on people: he can push, stand in the aisle or in the middle of the road, step on his feet, provoke a queue at the store or arrange a conflict at the checkout. This vampire can sincerely consider himself a fighter for justice and truth. He chops off the shoulder, says he thinks, but in fact presses on the weak points of other people. Near him, strength is very quickly lost. The main advice is not to respond in kind. It is better to ignore such a person, smile back at him or wish him a great day. It is important to remember: if you join his game, he will not lag behind.

Lunar is a vampire who "slowly drinks someone else's blood." Using pity, compassion and guilt, he feeds himself. His distinguishing feature is endless conversations about his unhappy life. He can scold the government for hours, complain about fate, or complain about a sadistic boss. All he needs is attention and self-pity. How to deal with him? Act from the opposite! Say that everything is fine with you: family, work, money, travel. Positive emotions are like an aspen stake for him. In this case, the vampire will lose interest in you and find a new victim.

How to counter an energy vampire

The best way is to avoid, and if possible, completely exclude such people from your life. But, as a rule, it can be difficult to completely stop communication. Alas, an energy vampire can be a loved one, family member, boss, or someone who is of great importance to you. Therefore, it is useful to know how to get away from the attack of an energy vampire.

The main rule is not to fall prey to a vampire. You cannot take energy from someone who does not show emotions. Cultivate indifference to such persons and to the situations they create. Do not let such a person put pressure on your self-esteem, change your views and affect your inner world.

If you did not manage to get away from the energy attack, you should calm down as soon as possible. The vampire only feeds on energy when you are in limbo. Indifference is what you need to adhere to in dealing with such a person.

Silence is the best form of protection, but it should be not only external, but also internal. In addition to this, energy protection techniques must be applied.

From the point of view of bioenergetics, the simplest and most effective way is to cleanse with salt. It neutralizes any negativity, cleansing the entire body at the astral level. For example, after interacting with an unpleasant person, it is helpful to wash your hands or take a bath with salt. This will help not only remove negativity, but also restore energy.